The cooler months are (almost) upon us, and even though the sky is growing darker doesn't mean your hair has to! Here's our top 5 tips for how you can get the best blonde this winter.

1. Time to Warm Up (your hair colour)

As your skin tone changes throughout the seasons...

Did you know there are over 40 different shades of blonde? Today we're going to mix in some all time classics along with the latest trends, and reveal our top picks for the hottest blonde hair colours in 2018.

1. Baby Blonde

The platinum micro-highlights framing Rosie Hu...

Are you having trouble with regrowth from your highlights?

We know you're busier now more than than ever, so it's reasonable to expect an efficient colour service with a lasting result when you visit the hair salon. 

You need to get back to being awesome - But there...

Do you struggle with yellow tones after having your hair coloured?

We often meet clients for the first time who are frustrated because they feel their hair colour is too ‘yellow’ or ‘orange’ & they can’t seem to control these unwanted tones, even if they have already tr...

Do you have dry or damaged hair, but don’t want to stop coloring it?

I meet many customers who have damaged hair from previous colour services. Often the first thing they say is ‘My hair is really dry’. Of course on the surface, this is exactly what their hair feels lik...

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