How to Fix Unwanted Yellow Tones in Blonde Hair

Do you struggle with yellow tones after having your hair coloured?

We often meet clients for the first time who are frustrated because they feel their hair colour is too ‘yellow’ or ‘orange’ & they can’t seem to control these unwanted tones, even if they have already tried seeing a professional hairdresser to resolve the issue.

To be clear, we can agree that there is a definite difference between a ‘honey blonde’ or ‘caramel’ hair colour, which is gorgeous, and ‘yellow or orange’ hair, which is not.

There are 3 main contributing factors that cause the hair to turn yellow after a colour service.

  • The quality of the product used in your hair during a colour service

  • The depth of your hair before colouring

  • The oxidation and contamination of your hair that occurs in the weeks after the colour service has been performed

Always confirm the quality of the hair colour products used in your hair before any colour service.

Clients we meet who have a recurring problem of yellow have usually had a low quality colourant applied to their hair in previous colour services. This meant the colour services had never truly achieved a light enough, bright enough, or clean enough result they could be happy with. Because these products were not able to lift adequately through the underlying tones in their existing hair colour, the result always looked brassy, yellow, or orange, and worse still the colour result made them feel old or ugly.

We recommend using L’Oreal Professionnel, the #1 colour brand in the world for all professional colour services. L'Oreal lighteners have the potential to lift natural hair colour up to 8 levels of in one process, and are able to effectively cut through unwanted tones in your hair to finally achieve the beautiful colour result you really want.

Why does my hair always turn yellow after I have it coloured?

Depending on the overall condition & integrity of your hair, and the result of the colour service in question, ‘oxidization’ may occur in the weeks after your hair has been coloured. This simply means that oxygen seeps into the interior of your hair over time and actually re-processes your hair colour exposing those nasty underlying & unwanted yellow tones.

There's a bit of science behind this, and without getting too technical - when you factor in free radicals, U.V light, contaminants in the water supply, product build up, and pollutants in the atmosphere, the result is that unwanted yellow tone.

Can I fix it with a toning shampoo?

You may have been told before ‘just use a purple shampoo’, but this is not always the entire solution. Repeated & excessive shampooing of the hair can lift the cuticle layer, exposing your hairs' interior to higher levels of oxygen, and increase the risk of your hair turning yellow again after you have blow dried it. Note that excessive use of toning shampoos can also dull your hair colour hair resulting in a dark and unwanted result.

To help maintain blonde hair in between salon visits we recommend using L’Oreal Profession