10 Reasons Your Hair Always Looks So D#@N Good

It's feels good to have so many people coming up to you saying 'Wow, you have amazing hair'! - So if this happens to you (or you wish it did) here's our top 10 reasons why...

1. You Visit the Hairdresser Regularly as Part of Your Beauty Routine

There is no greater power in the world than the beauty of a woman, and since your hair is the single biggest influence on how you look, it just makes sense to keep maintaining it. Much like you rely on your Doctor to help you look after your personal health, you commit to visiting a hairdresser for regular 'check ups' to keep you feeling young & beautiful.

Your hairdresser not only gives you a genuine reason for regular return visits, but has developed a personalised hair care plan with you so you can always enjoy having the gorgeous hair you really want.

2. You Use Professional Salon Only Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products

You know that professional home hair care, as prescribed by your hairdresser in the salon is the single smartest investment you've made in your personal beauty. Your once dull, frizzy hair has been transformed into gorgeous, soft, healthy, and shiny locks that are the envy of your friends! With the right home hair care you finally have the hair you always wanted.

#BONUS TIP Consider using KÉRASTASE home hair care on your hair. KÉRASTASE is the worlds #1 home hair care range, with superior, prescription only solutions for hair & scalp issues. These amazing products even include solutions for hair loss, or thinning hair

3. Your Hairdresser Uses Colour to Enhance Your Individual Skin Tone

Hair colour is the new make up! So no matter whether you are brunette, red head, blonde, or anything in between, you know a visit to the hairdresser is not complete without them advising you on how hair colour can be used to better suit your skin tone & eye colour so you can feel young & beautiful.

#BONUS TIP Ask your hairdresser at your next salon visit where they think the latest hair colour trends are going, and how they can use a new hair colour to enhance your personal skin tone & eye colour

4. Your Hairdresser Cuts Your Hair to Enhance Your Face Shape

You know a haircut is so much more than 'just a trim' ... With a great cut you now feel younger, slimmer, on trend, and have hair that is much easier to manage. Your hairdresser checks in with you at every visit to make sure the shape has been manageable at home between visits. They also make sure the direction of your haircut is in line with the latest trends, and that styling it fits within the routine of your lifestyle.

5. You Get a Conditioning Treatment Every Time You Visit the Salon

You know that when you colour your hair you can't take the goodness out without putting it back in... That's why your hairdresser insists you have a treatment with every hair colour - Which is just fine by you! The extra long head massage, the steamy hot towel, it's just so relaxing and you really feel pampered afterwards - Plus, you now have gorgeous hair of course!

#BONUS TIP Ask your hairdresser at your next salon whether they think your hair needs a conditioning treatment. Consider trying a KERASTASE FUSIO DOSE Ritual Treatment - this amazing treatment product has 20 separate formula combinations that your hairdresser can personally mix just for you to give exactly what your hair needs to feel beautiful again

6. You Use A Professional Heat Protector Before Styling Your Hair

You know how important it is to stretch before exercising, and you also know how important it is to protect your hair before turning up the heat. Your hairdresser has shown you what you need to use & how to use it to protect your hair from heat damage when blow drying - If you use hot irons your hairdresser has discussed the need for added protection, and has shown you the best solutions to maintain moisture & condition to keep your hair healthy... You know it works because your hair has never felt better of course!

7. Your Hairdresser Changes Your Hair Colour With the Seasons

While you may not be keen on going from blonde to black & back, your hairdresser does take the time to talk you through upcoming trends & how your hair colour will need to be adjusted as the weather changes throughout the year to flatter your skin. You know that small tweaks to your hair colour are as essential to your look as changing your from your summer wardrobe to winter... Only more exciting!

#BONUS TIP Ask your hairdresser at your next salon visit what colour trends they think are coming up in the next season & how they can alter your hair colour to flatter you skin tone as the weather changes

8. You Use Sunblock (For Your Hair)

You have a little chuckle to yourself as you watch your friends lounging by the pool for a casual afternoon in the sun. If only they knew your secret to keeping hair colour looking gorgeous in summer between salon visits... Sun protector for the hair is essential to protect hair colour from nasty U.V ray fade & by using it in your hair during those hot summer months your hair stays beautiful for longer.

#BONUS TIP Consider trying KÉRASTASE Soleil in your hair during hot summer months. This awesome range of hair care includes not only U.V protecting shampoo & conditioning masque + U.V protecting spray, but also a bonus water repelling U.V protecting creme for using before going in the pool

9. Your Hairdresser Stays Educated

You rely on your hairdresser to be the professional and guide you in all things hair. They're always training & upskilling so they can keep you informed of the latest techniques & trends - and they share new ideas with you to keep your hair always looking at its best.

10. Your Hairdresser Evolves Your Look as the Years Go By...

You just love that you can trust your hairdresser to keep you feeling young & beautiful, even as a few nasty grey hairs have starting showing up! As time goes on they have adjusted your colour & style to suit your changing skin tone, and hair texture. No matter what age you are at, you feel young, fresh, trendy, and gorgeous.

A Professional Solution is the Best Option

At ENVY Salon we specialise in creating gorgeous hair colour while restoring the health and manageability of your hair so you feel young & beautiful.

We don't just do what 5 or even 20 hairdressers have done before us. Through a unique consultation process our hairdressers will listen to your personal story, and guide you in developing a personalised hair care plan tailored specifically for your individual lifestyle and needs.

To book just give us a call or visit our website: envysalon.co.nz

We look forward to seeing you soon!

By Richard Hurliman

Creative Director, ENVY Salon


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158 Cambridge Road



+64 7 578 9989


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