10 Hottest Blonde Colours Right Now

December 28, 2017

Did you know there are over 40 different shades of blonde? Today we're going to mix in some all time classics along with the latest trends, and reveal our top picks for the hottest blonde hair colours in 2018.


 1. Baby Blonde


The platinum micro-highlights framing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's face give her a fresh, youthful look.


2. Metallic Blonde


Definitely one of the hottest new hues with a cool, calm tone - Cara Delevingne wears 2018's ultimate platinum blonde. 


3. Café Au Lait Blonde


Taylor Swift's french inspired monochrome beige hue is a welcome alternative to the super bottled blonde of earlier years.


4. Honey Blonde


Gisele Bündchen's honey hues elevate her natural brunette color.


5. Beach Blonde


Blake Lively's sun-kissed highlights might just be subtle enough to trick you into thinking they're real.


6. Awkward Peach Blonde


We just love this must try hue for 2018. Subtle, charming, and sassy this versatile shade suits any mood.


7. Nirvana Blonde


Unleash your inner rock chick, shake off your leather jacket, and transform your hair colour this year with a dash of dirty root smudging paired with dusty blonde mid lengths.