Top 5 Tips to Get Gorgeous Hair Ready for Valentines Day

Whether you have a hot date for Valentines, are on hunt for one, or will be spending it with your lifetime love buddy - You know how important it is to get gorgeous hair ready for the big night. Here's our Top 5 Tips to get ready for Valentines Day so you can hit the town with confidence & style...

1. Have Your Hair Colour Match Your Chosen Outfit

On Valentines the game is all about staying relaxed & in control so you can get on with having fun. Consider reserving one or two outfits in advance that you know are gonna stop traffic - Then when visiting your hairdresser talk through options to have your hair colour match the outfit of your choice. By trusting the professionals to take care of your hair it's one less thing to worry about on the big day.

# BONUS TIP: Ask your hairdresser if they can create a versatile hair colour design to enhance your individual colour palette so you can have multiple colour options for what to wear, just in case you get last minute inspiration!

2. Get a Professional Hair Treatment

There's no doubt about it - healthy hair is gorgeous hair. No matter your chosen colour or style, immaculate hair condition is going to make everything easier on the day. Your hair will be more glossy, supple, and so much easier to manage. Preparing your hair with a professional treatment is a no brainer for Valentines Day.

# BONUS TIP: Ask your hairdresser for a KÉRASTASE FUSIO DOSE treatment - with 20 different prescription only options Fusio Dose treatments are the ultimate hair ritual to get gorgeous hair ready for any big occasion... Not to mention the awesome pampering & relaxing head massage - Yummy!

3. Wash Your Hair the Night Before

Leaving it to the last minute to get your hair ready is going to add more hassle & take the fun out of your day - So head home to take a much needed night off before Valentines Day & indulge yourself in a little 'me time' - Ask your hairdresser which products to wash & condition with the night before, and how to best prepare your hair for the big day to make styling & presenting your look easier for your big date night.

# BONUS TIP: Ask your hairdresser if they can show you some practical, easy ways to to style & manage your hair ready for your date!

4. Embellish (Your Hair)

Everyone brings out the shiny stuff for Valentines, but aside from the old faithfuls why not bring the bling this year & add a little sizzle to your hairstyle. Embellishment is not just for cocktail nights & weddings - So have some fun with a subtle (or not so subtle) piece to set the mood.

# BONUS TIP: Hair Embellishments are a hot on hair trend for 2018.

5. Have Your Hair (Professionally) Styled Ready to Go

If you want the best results for Valentines Day then just leave it to the professionals! Ask your hairdresser about options for coming in prior to your date to have your hair styled professionally. It will likely save you alot of time & hassle on the day, and leave you feeling blissfully relaxed & gorgeous ready for your big night out!

A Professional Solution is the Best Option

At ENVY Salon we specialise in creating gorgeous hair colour while restoring the health and manageability of your hair so you feel young & beautiful.

We don't just do what 5 or even 20 hairdressers have done before us. Through a unique consultation process our hairdressers will listen to your personal story, and guide you in developing a personalised hair care plan tailored specifically for your individual lifestyle and needs.

To book just give us a call or visit our website:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

By Richard Hurliman

Creative Director, ENVY Salon


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