5 Reasons Why Being a Hairdresser is Awesome

It's often said that the secret to a happy life is to find something you love to do, then figure out how to make a living from it. With that in mind I consider myself very lucky to do something I love every day. Here's 5 reasons why I think being a hairdresser is awesome...

1. It's Creative

Ok so this probably goes without saying, but being a great hairdresser is built on creativity - and not only in creating great hair, but also in the sense of creatively solving problems. I know that in order deliver an amazing experience my client has to leave the salon feeling better than when when she came in. By transforming her into the best version of herself, making her feel amazing, and giving her a solid plan for the future I make life just that little bit easier for her & leave her feeling empowered to face anything life throws at her.

2. It's Fast Paced

I've always thought I might have what I call a 'satisfaction addiction' which means I need to know I'm doing a good job, and I don't want to wait a long time to see a result. Luckily as I work through my daily appointment schedule, the smile I see on my customers lets me know I'm doing a good job at the end of each & every appointment!

3. It's Fun

It's a great gig. I get to wear comfortable clothes, work in an air conditioned enviroment, listen to music, and be surrounded by happy people all day! Hairdressing has also blessed me the opportunity to share my time with our amazing salon team, as well as a wider industry of like minded people who believe in what we do.

4. You Never Stop Learning

2018 is the year when I realised I have been hairdressing for longer than some of the young people I work with have been alive. That's quite a bit to get your head around! The coolest thing is that I still learn something new everyday, and have the privilege of sharing that knowledge & growing professionally along with my team.

5. We Make a Positive Contribution to Our Community

A visit to the hair salon means so much more than just a great hairstyle. We know our clients look forward to their appointment as some much needed 'me time'... Whether to be pampered, engage in quality conversation, or even have a moment of uninterrupted peace while reading a book - Our clients leave both feeling better & looking their best. Happiness is definitely contagious, and the world can never have enough beauty. So I'm glad we are doing our share to help our community, one gorgeous hairstyle at a time.

By Richard Hurliman

Creative Director, ENVY Salon

ENVY Salon is a premiere boutique hair salon & hairdressers located conveniently in central Tauranga. We specialise in creating gorgeous hair colour while restoring the health and manageability of your hair so you feel young & beautiful.

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