Tips to Care for Your Hair After a Long Hot Summer

We can all agree that this summer has been amazing. But the roaring sunshine and endless beach days can be surprisingly harsh on your hair. Here’s our top 3 tips for restoring & getting gorgeous hair ready for the coming months.

1. Create with Colour

Did you know your skin tone can changes season to season? Autumn is the perfect time to tweak your hair colour & create a fresh new look going into winter. Better still, a small change in the depth or hue of your colour will enhance your skin tone & keep your complexion looking clean & tanned for longer. How cool is that?!

2. Treat Yourself

Harsh U.V light, salt water, and chlorine-infused water can break down the integrity of your hair & cause it to feel brittle, dry, and difficult to manage. To help restore your hair to it's former glory from damage caused during the summer fun we recommend visiting your professional hairdresser for a prescriptive hair & scalp treatment.

At ENVY Salon we have over 30 prescriptive treatment options available depending on your hair needs. Whether your hair is dry, brittle, frizzy, or even if you want to hyper accelerate the growth of your hair ready for next summer, we can help.

3. Care More, Worry Less

Loving your hair means taking care at home too! A small amount of TLC in your home hair care routine goes a long way to creating the hair you really want, and the best technology is available for right now by visiting your professional hairdresser. From easy solutions to improve your hair with a great shampoo & conditioner, to home hair care treatments, and awesome products to help you create your perfect hair style, we can help.

By Richard Hurliman

Creative Director, ENVY Salon

ENVY Salon is a premiere boutique hair salon & hairdressers located conveniently in central Tauranga. We specialise in creating gorgeous hair colour while restoring the health and manageability of your hair so you feel young & beautiful.

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