How to Get the Best Blonde this Winter

The cooler months are (almost) upon us, and even though the sky is growing darker doesn't mean your hair has to! Here's our top 5 tips for how you can get the best blonde this winter.

1. Time to Warm Up (your hair colour)

As your skin tone changes throughout the seasons so should your blonde hair colour. To enhance your skin tone over Winter ask your hairdresser for options to introduce warmer (but not yellow or brassy) tones to your blonde. Be enticed by an array of delicious new colours, good enough to eat - including honey blonde, chocolate beige, and caramel... Yummy!

2. Clean Out the Chlorine

Swimming in chlorinated water over Summer can result in unsightly green tones when it comes to highlighted hair. Your professional hairdresser is your absolute best friend when it comes to clearing out these unwanted colours. Only your hairdresser knows how best to remove these tones without causing unnecessary damage to your precious locks, so take our advice & leave it to the professionals!

3. Become Fabulously Blonde for the First Time

If you've never been blonde before then Winter is a great time to do it. Your hair will be under less stress than in the Summer, when you it would likely be exposed to higher amounts of U.V light & harsh water conditions (such as swimming in the ocean). Transitioning into a lighter blonde in Winter makes great sense so be bold, beautiful, and make the change today.

4. No More Frizz with a Keratin Blowout

If you haven't yet heard of this amazing treatment for your hair then get ready to be blown away (literally)! A Keratin Blowout works by infusing the surface of your hair with a special, naturally derived solution to relax curly/frizzy hair, and protect against the common lack of manageability that can occur in humid or wild weather. This service is great for both Summer & Winter, but now is a great time to try it for the first time as results last far longer over Winter months when you are less likely to be swimming or washing your hair daily. Best of all, this treatment is available for all hair types, and does amazing things to repair blonde or highlighted hair!

5. Beat the (blowdry) Heat

Winter is a great time of year to catch a few extra moments snuggling in your warm, cozy bed before facing the day - but before you rush out the door you'll want to blow dry those locks so you don't catch a cold from the frigid temperatures outside. Always remember to use heat protection before blow drying, and especially if you plan on using hot tools such as a styling iron to finish your look. We recommend K'ERASTASE Elixr Ultime as a simple no-fuss solution for most hair types. This miracle serum provides full heat protection up to 230C. This awesome product can be used both before blow drying, and afterwards as a frizz smoother to tame down those ends before hitting the streets looking gorgeous & ready for anything!

A Professional Solution is the Best Option

At ENVY Salon we specialise in creating gorgeous hair colour while restoring the health and manageability of your hair so you feel young & beautiful.

We don't just do what 5 or even 20 hairdressers have done before us. Through a unique consultation process our hairdressers will listen to your personal story, and guide you in developing a personalised hair care plan tailored specifically for your individual lifestyle and needs.  

To book just give us a call or visit our website:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

By Richard Hurliman

Creative Director, ENVY Salon


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